The Times Have Changed
The strength of the Chinese economy and the reduced manufacturing costs have made the Chinese supply very worthy from a business perspective. Even the largest brands in the world steadily rely on suppliers in China.
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How To Choose?
Choosing a supplier is the most important business decision. A supplier could make or break your business. Failing to timely deliver products, compromising on service standards or inconsistent product quality, could prove costly and reflect on your brand and your position in the market.
We Are Here For You!
WE do all the work for you! From locating the product to purchasing, and even shipping! Chi-Net emphasizes personal and professional service while understanding essential consumer needs that are uncompromisable: great quality, great price, and fast supply.

Services We Offer

Locating a Product

Let us know which product you want, and we will find it for you!

Connection to suppliers

We can help enable your connection to a local contact, which will be cheaper to allow your business to expand


Customization of the product according to the customer’s request

Quality Control

We make sure your products are of quality and stay in constant contact between the customer and supplier throughout the entire transaction

About Us

Chi-Net was created to serve as a bridge between business owners, individuals and the fast-growing Chinese market.
Chi-Net is a Chinese-registered Western company established with the aim of providing a service for international businesses and private entities.
A service which includes locating products or finding manufacturers who will produce the product according to your specifications.
We specialize in locating products, suppliers, and factories throughout the Chinese market.
Our advantage is that we locate the product for you and assure it is produced or acquired by you at the local price which the Chinese market offers locals. 
We will find the product or manufacturer which can produce for you at a low cost without compromising on quality.

How We Work?

Let us know which product you want, and we will find it for you! 

We do all the work for you with the help of our Chinese employees.

From locating the product, communicating with the supplier or the factory, all through purchasing the product for you.

We provide products at a low cost and high speed, without compromising on quality.

The quality of the products made in China is identical to those produced in Europe, but the price is significantly lower.

We additionally provide quality control services for you.

We will be there for you every step of the way until the product is purchased, shipped and delivered.

Bottom line- you can cut cost by purchasing any product or producing a product —
from textile,  through household goods, office supplies, electronics, and even Korean cosmetics.

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